Call for speakers

Xcelerate19 is a once-a-year event where maintenance and reliability professionals meet to take part in dozens of sessions on CMMS training, share about their reliability journey, maintenance strategies, IIoT and data strategies.  It is the perfect opportunity for your company to connect with an estimated 550+ professionals who are Maintenance Managers, Engineers, Facility Managers, Plant Managers, Planners & Schedulers, Reliability Engineers, and leaders looking to advance their maintenance and reliability journey.

As an expert in your field, you can share knowledge, experiences, and ideas with those who are looking to further their learning and improve their business and further their personal growth. Xcelerate will showcase future directions, best practices, and solutions to issues maintenance and reliability professionals face within the following session tracks and categories.

How to submit

  1. Review the session track definitions and submission details below to ensure your abstract meets the criteria of one of the session tracks being offered.
  2. Fill out the form with your personal, company and session details.
    1. Prerequisites: Please identify in your application if any prerequisites are required.  Book purchase, any prior knowledge/certification, required reading or experience that may need to be considered.
    2. Abstract: Your session abstract should provide a brief, 150 character overview of your abstract; essentially a title and brief description. Should your abstract be chosen, the session summary may be posted on our website/agenda.  We require you to submit 3 goals per abstract. These goals should highlight key learning an attendee can expect to walk-away with by attending your session.
  3. Hit submit!
Session tracks

The session tracks are focused on topics that those working within the industry are most commonly looking to stay educated and knowledgeable on. These tracks may offer an attendee an opportunity to earn or stay up-to-date on industry certifications or they may offer the opportunity for the attendee to prepare themselves for where the industry and their business is headed in the future.

  1. Connected work: Become an eMaint master
    Whether you’re a new or expert eMaint user, our training sessions will help you take your CMMS usage to the next level. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to use the system, and take-aways that you can start implementing right away. From work orders to inventory to reporting, there are dozens of sessions for all eMaint users.
  2. Connected teams: Prepare teams for cultural change
    Adopting an effective strategy to achieve equipment reliability moves beyond changing process or standards. It is about changing the culture. Make that experience positive and empowering through an enhanced understanding reliability practices, change management, and transition by inspiration.
  3. Connected data:  Arm the troops with the highest level of intelligence
    Asset tagging speeds maintenance activity. Monitoring asset data to discover conditional changes tracks a developing fault. Full asset information provides better issue resolution, and creates a permanent record. Your journey toward predictive maintenance starts here.
  4. Connected systems:  Execute end-to-end system connectivity
    Breakdown data silos to ensure reliability. Data aggregation and organization can close gaps in practices and provide your maintenance team with all the information they need to drive decisions in real-time. Your CMMS or EAM can integrate with ERPs, financial systems, eProcurement systems, and more. Take the first step toward making all data actionable.
Session categories
  • Standard session: 45 minutes in length; open to all speakers
  • Extended session: 90 minutes in length; an option when a topic requires set up or training and can’t be covered in only 45 minutes; open to all speakers
  • Q&A panel: 45 minutes in length with Q&A at the end; speakers should be prepared with bio slide and about 10 minutes of content; questions/goal of session will be shared prior to the session
  • Interactive roundtable: 45 or 90 minutes in length; more of a facilitation role; desired outcome for attendee would be sharpening of a particular skill, best practice or concept
  • Pre-conference workshop: 4 hours in length; in-depth sessions based on particular advanced course prerequisites determined by the presenter

You may be invited to present in formats other than the one you selected and/or you may be asked to provide information in addition to what has been noted as part of your submission.

Selection process

All content must be comprehensive, non promotional, objective and diverse. All submissions will be reviewed by the Xcelerate Content Committee using the following criteria:

  • Relevance of topic: Is the topic of relevance, importance, value, and/or interest to someone working in the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) industry?
  • Proposed topic coverage: Does the submitted abstract adequately cover content related to the submitter’s stated learning objectives/key stated outcomes? Does the abstract adequately fit within the selected session track?
  • Presenter knowledge: Does the presenter, or presenters, have sufficient knowledge, expertise, and authority to address this topic based on evidence provided in the proposal and/or prior experience with or knowledge of the presenter?
  • Presenter experience: Does the presenter have sufficient experience presenting in front of larger audiences (550+ attendees)?
  • Engagement strategies: Does the presenter include specific strategies relevant to event size, audience, and maturity of topic in which they will engage participants in the session content, and do those strategies align with the session’s learning objectives/outcomes?

Once your submission has been selected, you will be contacted with your Speaker agreement form to fill out and return. Additional information and instructions will be provided at that time. (We would send slide template, agreement, deadlines, etc)


  • Call for papers live: Now
  • Call for papers closes: May 2019 (roughly 3 months)
  • Committee review: May 2019 (ASAP after closing)
  • Email notification: As selected May / June 2019
  • Posting of final agenda line-up: June 2019*

    *Agenda subject to change