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Pre-Conference Tracks

eMaint Reporting Training

eMaint X4 for Beginners

This session was designed to help new X4 users gain good understanding of the system before they are presented with more advanced features and modules during the main conference.

eMaint Reporting Training

eMaint X4 Advanced Reporting

This session was designed to help users master the robust reporting and dashboard tools within eMaint X4. Our main objective with this session is to provide you with the knowledge you need to create a wide variety of reports on your own. If you have some experience with X4, this may be the best session for you.

eMaint Reporting Training

eMaint X5 for Beginners

This session was designed to help new X5 users gain a good understanding of the system before they are presented with more advanced features and modules during the main conference.

eMaint Reporting Training

Asset Health Management with Thermography

This workshop will discuss important aspects like properly defining your program, what equipment you may need, the training that is needed to succeed, and how to proceed safely. Other program basics, such as procedures, routes, scheduling, analysis, and reporting will be examined. The workshop will conclude with a review of performance metrics and how to succeed with continuous improvement. Whether you are just starting with infrared thermography, or have a reliability program already in place, you are sure to leave this training with action items to be implemented upon your return to work!

eMaint Reporting Training

Precision Shaft Alignment Fundamentals

In this session, users will not only learn about the fundamentals of shaft alignment, setup procedures, measurements, and reporting, but will also gain hands-on experience that will help them feel better equipped to perform alignments in the future.

eMaint Reporting Training

eMaint Certification Exam

The eMaint CMMS Certification Program (eMCP) formally educates and recognizes users who continually grow their knowledge and experience with eMaint CMMS by using software. At Xcelerate, users attending any of the three eMaint sessions will be able to take the certification test (for X4 and X5) in the afternoon, if they feel ready and choose to do so. For those that need more time to prepare, no pressure. The timeframe to take the test is one year from Xcelerate.

Main Conference Tracks

eMaint Reporting Training

eMaint X4 and X5 Training Tracks

Whether you’re an eMaint X4 or X5 user, our training sessions will help you take your CMMS usage to the next level. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to use the system and takeaways that you can start implementing right away. From work orders to mobile to reporting, there are dozens of sessions for all eMaint users. Here are some sessions you can expect to see on the agenda for these tracks:

  • What’s New In X5
  • Make Metrics That Matter with X5
  • Designing Your X5 Dashboard
  • Going Mobile and Paperless with X5 (Full Site & Fluke Mobile)
  • Manage Your Work and Resources with the X5 Scheduler
  • Coming Soon to X5
  • Differences Between X4 and X5
  • Did You Know About This X4 Feature?
  • Is It Too Late to Fix Your Data in X4?
  • Condition Monitoring and Thermography with Fluke Connect and eMaint
  • Simplifying Usage with X4 Mobile Capabilities (Fluke Mobile & Tech Select)
  • Make Metrics That Matter with X4
eMaint Reporting Training

Industry Experts: Learn From the Best

For the Industry Experts track, we will bring influential maintenance and reliability professionals to share their knowledge, ideas, and perspectives to help you determine your path towards reliability and maintenance.

eMaint Reporting Training

Industry Best Practices

For the Industry Best Practices track, we will bring our customers to share their reliability journey and success stories. We will also bring you our reliability consultants to share their knowledge and experiences on how to walk the the path of success while driving continuous improvement.

eMaint Reporting Training

Precision Maintenance

In this track, we will feature Pr├╝ftechnik, one of our product lines within Fluke Reliability. We will bring our experts to host sessions in the areas of shaft alignment, vibration analysis, and condition monitoring.