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Join the quest toward connected reliability

November 12-14, 2019 | Fort Myers, Florida



Tuesday, November 12th (8am – 4pm EST)

For an additional $300, select a pre-conference full-day training course from one of our 5 unique offerings.

eMaint Introductory Training

eMaint Introductory Training X4:  presented by eMaint training staff.
This 7-hour session will offer the attendee an overview of the basics and the newest features of the eMaint CMMS system based around Work order management and PM’s. Structured hands on learning is what makes these training so powerful!

eMaint Reporting Training

eMaint Reporting Training X4: presented by eMaint training staff.
This 7-hour class will offer the attendee an overview of the basics and the newest features of the eMaint CMMS system based around Reports & Dashboards. See some of the best KPI dashboard examples and leave with the tools to build your own and get personalized assistance right on site!

eMaint Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis in a day: Overview of Vibration Analysis & Maintenance Practices -presented by Mobius Institute.
With this one-day course you will learn the vibration fundamentals which will demystify the terms and concepts, and you will see how spectrum analysis can be used to diagnose faults, which is sure to make you a true believer. Mobius takes a very animated approach to vibration analysis. Their 3D animations, Flash simulators, software simulators, and library of live case studies make this topic truly come alive.

eMaint Thermography

Introduction to Thermography and Thermal Imagers: presented by The Snell Group.
This workshop will discuss important aspects like properly defining your program, what equipment you may need, the training that is needed to succeed, and how to proceed safely. Other program basics, such as procedures, routes, scheduling, analysis and reporting will be examined. The workshop will conclude with a review of performance metrics and how to succeed with continuous improvement. Whether you are just starting with infrared thermography, or have a reliability program already in place, you are sure to leave this training with action items to be implemented upon your return to work!

eMaint CRL course

CRL Review Course: presented by ReliabilityWeb.
Do you manage assets or work to improve reliability in your organization? The objective here is to review whole life asset reliability decisions and whole life value delivery through leadership. The system provides guidance and is a map of theory based on the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System, to engage and empower every stakeholder in your organization as a Reliability Leader. The series of books are available through RW’s bookstore.

CRL Exam will be proctored at 3pm for those who wish to take it on site. (A cost of $299 to be paid directly to RW at time of exam.)

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Connected work

Become an eMaint master
Whether you’re a new or expert eMaint user, our training sessions will help you take your CMMS usage to the next level. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to use the system, and take-aways that you can start implementing right away. From work orders to inventory to reporting, there are dozens of sessions for all eMaint users.

Connected teams

Prepare teams for cultural change
Adopting an effective strategy to achieve equipment reliability moves beyond changing process or standards. It is about changing the culture. Make that experience positive and empowering through an enhanced understanding reliability practices, change management, and transition by inspiration.

Connected data

Arm the troops with the highest level of intelligence
Asset tagging speeds maintenance activity. Monitoring asset data to discover conditional changes tracks a developing fault. Full asset information provides better issue resolution, and creates a permanent record. Your journey toward predictive maintenance starts here.

Connected systems

Execute end-to-end system connectivity
Breakdown data silos to ensure reliability. Data aggregation and organization can close gaps in practices and provide your maintenance team with all the information they need to drive decisions in real-time. Your CMMS or EAM can integrate with ERPs, financial systems, eProcurement systems, and more. Take the first step toward making all data actionable.